Psychedelic-folk artist Layten Kramer will release his latest 4-track project Glory on April 20th, 2018, with Oscar St. Records. Written and recorded in fragments throughout 2017 within the walls of his Victoria, BC home, Glory illustrates the genuine growth in Kramer as a human and in his unmistakable songwriting.


The haunting collection of songs explores the perspective of individuals both internally and externally when exposed to the reality of heartbreak and mental illness. “The time we spend learning and struggling with who we are and who the people are around us often amounts to a valuable lesson,” says Kramer, “and what we find at the end of each lesson is a little bit of glory. This collection of songs is intended to highlight the incredible resilience each and every person has in my life.”


Paired with stunning instrumentation and clever arrangements, Kramer’s recognized psychedelic-folk sound has transcended into a gritty acid-western aesthetic. Delicately mixed by JUNO Award-winning producer Colin Stewart (Dan Mangan, Yukon Blonde, Black Mountain), Glory features a collective of dear friends including Jen Severtson (Peach Pyramid), Kathryn Calder (The New Pornographers) and Olivier Clements (Aidan Knight).


“Kramer likes a good instrumental harmony (bless his heart because I do too) and through his past two releases he has found ways of folding a Beach House-feel within an acoustic, orchestral outline. Glory’s title, even with the lyrics in between, could be Kramer’s first step toward emotional and harmonious reclamation. I’m ready for the next.” – Stereogum

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